A Moment Appreciated…

Caught up in the breeze…


This Time…



Moments tapped in realizing in them I AM free from the past reaching after me in waves of aftermath-



So I do the Math seeing the cost of tossing away Moments meant to be…

“I must go through too get to the reality resting upon the winds of Promise.”

This time I AM taking position to own these lessons found in the Moments honing this mental projection-

Picture pointing the direction written upon a renewed heart beating.

The Heartbeats…

The paces of time counted in every passing moment like the breeze sent by the winds of




There is something felt when the Morning breeze breathes the refreshing Kiss of a Brand new Start…



Breaking the boundries of unbelief I let go of the ledge, I’ll Fly or Glide I refuse to fall from the graceful breeze carrying my Spirit in a soulful melody.

This Beautiful Moment between Fear and recklessness-

This adventure is breathtaking everyday away created by the making of a determination too Live

The Dream calls irrisitable tones and vibrations I awaken too the smiling Ray’s of a blank canvas…

This New Day Magic…



How you SEE your World is everything…🤔



Released in the Sunset, colors blend in the sky.

Moon ascends to alignment, while Sun Shines on the other side of perspective, viewing a new beginning while one sees an end at the other Angle of things.

Dark to Light.

Dawn to Dusk.

We all must clutch this Gift given.

Freedom found in the sweet taste of this Graceful Life.


An experience reserved just for You.

For you to share.

For you to Understand…

What will you make of It?

What will your hands create with it?

This Gift,

This Life…

How do you SEE It?


So many questions are left unanswered by the one question that Holds Many Still…



Bending as a branch pressed by the fury of the Storm…

These thoughts carry the stamps of a Life Lived.

Trail markings painting a portrait of moments gone but still treasured…

Answering the thoughts wrapped in a question,

“WHAT if???”

Fear holding it unanswered.

Why give into the Fear of the Unknown, possibilities forsaken; Forsaking your creative rights to write your own story.

Where the Brave are described giving Glory to the one that Titled them both Women and Men to be,


When answering the question,

“What IF..?”

Encounter- An unexpected or casual meeting with someone or something.



Encounter the release of past debts paid.

Life rests with the fresh spray of Grace in the Wind;

A breeze lifting burdens old, heavy, rusted boarders sealed away by pain and discouragement…

The harshness of Life bent me but Grace kept me from Breaking;

Freedom of Guilt-

Taken, raptured, captured in the Blood which drips eternal for Me…

Soul Savior took on the burdens I bared in my sin-soaked conscience;

Cleansing all that separated me from his hands.

He took on the Breath of Man to stand in the gap appeasing the Wrath…

My pride broke as glass when I grasped the Lifeline to my Soul…

His Sacrifice has made me whole;

This broken Soul…

Awake to the Warmth of the New…



The Emblem of Me shines through the grim and Dimming of troubles clinging to Yesterday charging the Gates of Today with the desire to imprint…

I Must Take Courage against this raging of Concerns trapping guilt in the conscience thoughts replaying,

As if there was an antagonist behind it all, plugging in the poisonous lie,


It’s a Lie!

View the Lesson.

Taking correction encountering similar moments after…

The Test comes again.

A Breath is spoken in the Wind,

“The Gift is given for you to open…”

“Wisdom is Your reward…”

Just a THOUGHT: Watch “Dr Masaru Emoto’s Water Experiment – Words are Alive!” on YouTube

“Let your Words be Salt and Light upon the Earth…”

Speak, believe what you speak;

Words work negatively without fail…

Believe in the Good that is in you, speak to that Good until you are so full you no longer can contain the overwhelming power of a peaceful Spirit…

You are LIMITLESS when you are You.

The World Needs to see the greatness hidden in You🤔


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