The Doors of Spring swing closed. Opening the Gates for Summers’…



Life breathes so softly in the stillness…

So VIBRANT with the bursting of refreshed Winter wounds healing Sunlight glazes the way.

The harvest of Life fresh with new opportunities found in a Moment of Chance.

A Deep seeded desire awakens to find…

The way back to the harvesting of Joy found in every clear Blue Ski;

In each festive celebration of the rippend fruits of life;

In each renewed Day-

Summer delights with unbound light!

Summers’ gaze, blistering Ray’s, heart piercing the Coldest armoured Heart & Soul.

Beautifully orchestrated Moments melt in the furnace of Memory.

Held by the clutches of Time-

These worthwild, once in a lifetime, Moments Bloom…

There is something felt when the Morning breeze breathes the refreshing Kiss of a Brand new Start…



Breaking the boundries of unbelief I let go of the ledge, I’ll Fly or Glide I refuse to fall from the graceful breeze carrying my Spirit in a soulful melody.

This Beautiful Moment between Fear and recklessness-

This adventure is breathtaking everyday away created by the making of a determination too Live

The Dream calls irrisitable tones and vibrations I awaken too the smiling Ray’s of a blank canvas…

This New Day Magic…



“It is really hard to be lonely very long in a world of words. Even if you don’t have friends somewhere, you still have language, and it will find you and wrap its little syllables around you and suddenly there will be a story to live in.” – Naomi Shihab Nye 🤔…

These Day’s


The World spins…

The Days blend together as Time presses forward…

And I question at times,

Am I moving in the same direction..?”




Telling my Dreams to,


Yelling with ear piercing shrekes-

They break slumber to induce an agitated desire-

Stirring the ambers until a Fire breaks out…

A call to action punctures my Soul..,

“it is TIME….

Just a thought….


“What shall the Day Bring?”


Up in Morning Sun lighting my rising.

I look to the Horizon shining New…

I think, sinking into the memories of a Dream…

The script, the melody this Day dances to,


Written upon beats of the Heart.

Every Pusle charges me forth!

Forward into..,

“Whatever the Day may Bring…’

‘I dive in…”

One WORD from GOD can change your LIFE…. leaving you forever Changed, This is….



Without a condemning Word you heard, and responded to my cry…

The rescue began before the formation of Time.

Your seed was given to every nation. You called us out of darkness apart from your light, and grace…

Now we face the times of today equipped with the never changing Name,

A savory sent to appease the pain, of selfinflicted insult to injury.

Salvation stolen when the deception was given,

But it was already written you would overcome bringing salvation to a World of Lost Sons….

Called to come Home….

Everyday brings an opportunity to change everything in your life… If you take the time to catch…

Opportunity in the Breeze


The invincible,


The dependable, all powerful, inhale the spirit riding the wind;

In the breeze-

In season, like the fresh blooming budding Rose receiving the heat from the Sun sampling the rain

Falling are the walls,

Tumbling down,

Now all I see is open potential so essential believing this Dream of a Visionary never varies.

I’m riding the waves upon the sea of time with a net grabbing mine….

Opportunity in the wind….