Happy Father’s Day ❤❤❤



I pretend to be indistructable. 

Hiding a heart full of love for you, resisting the urge to smother you, holding you tightly in arms. 

A Breed driven to protect and provide all the love required to send you soring- 

Hiding jems and pearls of wisdom in lectures- 

Seeming boring, but, they’ll be all the fuel you’ll need, sheltered in your heart My planted seeds… 
Let my Love carry you in your times of need….❤

I see Myself in you Son…

I See…


I see myself in you my Sons. I see the expression from the faces of past generations. Through your eyes I can face them and thank them for this torch I carry and will one day hand forward… Thinking of the Men I’m raising, Hoping this World changes for the better… So I threw on a cloak called ‘Salvation’ to brace its cold, charging through its Darkness in search of the beckoning Light… pointing the way, a path for Generations to follow… “Why Dad?” They ask… “Because I see you in Me…”