There is a Beautiful stillness of Morning… So Still. So Silent… I lay still listening as She welcomes Me…



Looking through Mornings’ haze I see the glare of Life…



Taunting me to arise from the ashes of yesterday.

Agitating melodies of Life breaks forth stirring up a dormant silence…

The Canvas beckons me to step into the hands of Today…

To Embrace Her…

To scribe upon Her the flashes of Lifes vibrant, colorful, decisions…

Wisdom embraces me gently soothing my educated experience;

Teaching me the values of each Gift Life presents.

Each moment in Time…

She teaches me to understand that Time bends to them that wield its continuous melody.

Using it to form a symphonic vibration woven into each Day…

Woven into the poetic breezes of,


it’s amazing how as a writer I can find my own thoughts in someone elses words; its something to be said when you can realize you are continuing the works others have started… This is my art, I am a poet…. Good Morning World…. ❤

By Georgia Dougles Johnson

Your world is as big as you make it.
I know, for I used to abide in the narrowest nest in a corner,
My wings pressing close to my side.
But I sighted the distant horizon where the skyline encircled the sea-

“I throbbed with a burning desire to travel this immensity.

I battered cordons around me cradling my wings on the breeze,
Then soared to the uttermost reaches with rapture, with power, with ease!”- LIMITLESS