The New….


The smell of a brand new day enters my visual display; 

Seeing the seeding of past deeds come to a breaking point, tipping the point of the spear at the Enemy, 

This Phantom Fear, let it disappear as my New horizon appears.

My Soul hears the call to arise in this new Day! 

Taking every moment in thought, every lesson bought with the tears of sorrow…

Now Joy!

Flows from eyes so grateful to see this day-

Coming into Focus….

Appraisal: an estimate or considered opinion of the nature, quality, importance; the act of estimating or judging the nature or value of something or someone. This is…



You are one of Gods great gifts to mankind, standing next to, but, often seen behind. 

One would be blind not to acknowledge your strength,


prevailing through the storm still maintaining form.

Adversity born,

Hell hath no fury like you if scorned;

But if loved– 

there is no treasure you would withhold. 

Your the bringer of the Sun housed in your smile beaming light that can refresh a mile of roses posed in humility when confronted by your inner beauty.

To defy your glory would mean mutiny, therefore, no-one would dispute foolishly; 

you make it cool to be foolishly in love with the idea of you,

so how much more are we undone when the roomers ring true,

how much more we realize how much we need you

We do honor you: Mothers, Sisters, Daughters and Wives, from your love we thrive.

To put a number on what your worth would be an insult against one who has been named priceless since birth….