When the issues of Life seem so dark.., just a glimpse of Light means every-thing….



They Fall one by one…

When I think of the Sun rising on the horizon bringing light!

Scattering the Darkness polluting the Situation-

I was hiding..,


Fighting furiously to stay a float!

In the Storm that raged-

I broke….

Then awoke to a peaceful silence;

The risen light came as welcomed guidance…


At last….

Sometimes we get so caught up in the urgency of completing our task, trying to grab that last piece of the puzzle that will bring everything together in our lives that we find ourselves forgetting to commit our ways to the Lord, we find ourselves lost lacking Gods direction, we find ourselves burning with intense…

This speaks to my today, even tho’ I wrote it five years ago!

Taylor's Poetry Corner


By Edward Taylor III

My sense of urgency is burning me,

My tears fall with intense fervency,

The hunger for purpose is yearning to bursting free,

With my eye’s of faith I dissect my path with the accuracy of a surgeons craft;

I can see past the clouds of gray looking forward to my sunny day;

So I pray with expectation, actively wait’n, for the day I will change this nation,

Realizing greatness is patient I turn from frustration, depression, & unrighteous aggression,

I calm my spirit that I may learn my lesson, immersing myself into wisdom,

Preparing my mind to comprehend vision;


My anxiousness is taunting me like Edgar’s crow,



Nevermore will I allow the trial of my patience to vex me so heavily ;

My urgency is urging me to launch out before my time,

But I will not trade my…

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Threw on Lynyrd Skynyrd’s ‘Simple Man’ this Morning and had too release something hidden- this is…

Simply Complex


I breathe in the cool breeze of Tear dust dripping in the Morning due too the extreme of bouncing in between truth and

tragedy acting as if there is sense in insanity hoping my dreams don’t abandon me while I’m left hanging on every breath as

if it where my last not knowing when my time will pass I bask in the idea of a Kingdom made for my Sons to reign over-

coming their Fathers pain so they will have No Fear’s to blame.

My Son’s and Princess I went through the stress so you can experience the best- Just know Life is just a test which holds

Secret answers, a hidden key, showed me that Life is supposed to be Much simpler than this…. But you must choose to

either LIVE or Exist. 

My GOD give Me strength to accomplish this: My Dream/Vision of fruitful decisions leaving a trail of an inherited Goal of

capturing the Truth hidden in Mind, Spirit, and Soul;


Made Whole….

Sometimes making a decision isn’t cut and dry, sometimes it takes serious thought to gather enough strength and courage to step out into the unknown; many of us have had a conversation going on in our heads as we weigh possible life changing options. This is…

A Double Minded Conversation



Why do I hide who I am?

Am I afraid,

that if I show my true self exposing my souls wealth I might get robbed of all dignity

and honor

Why when Self & I talk it sounds like a barter;

Self & I involved in a give and take debate leaving

Me to mediate:


I:  “if I show all, I may fall in front of everyone, my fear has become”-

Self: “ BONDAGE, to You and Me, COME ON”

I: “I JUST WANT TO BE FREE;  that’s what I told Me”

Self:  “BUT HE AGREED WITH my-Self.”

I:  “I can’t deny the truth Self, but”

Self: “What! that’s not enough?”  “I’m tired of feeling crushed. I WANT YOU OUT.”

I: “I WANNA GET OUT, of my shell hidden no longer, that’s the only way WE will get stronger.”

Self: “Finally we agree…!”

This poem is the best way I can express how I feel when I hear the voices of wisdom when I remember them; This is…




Thinking back, linking photographic memories to still picture,


remembering the smiles of loved one’s departed from sight;


I even miss the fights, the disagreements, & the laughter that followed after pride was swallowed.

I remember my Elders through the wisdom they gave me; I remember my Elders through their words,

they live on,

for their care fashioned me strong.

I must go on pushing through the pain,

I have to go along with the plan that took you out of hand and into arms,


I can’t wait to hear your stories


 I wish I paid more attention to them when you where before me

not realizing their value I erred thinking they bored me

I hope you have forgiven my youthful foolishness

I wish I could’ve done more then this;

wanting to show my appreciation I will live-

in your words

you exist,


taking your correction

your wisdom muscle still flex’n

to my friends I’m professing your words

such a blessing

knowing your watchful eye is still glaring, your voice still blares your cultured catch phrases:


“SAUSAGE, boy get out the way”,



I catch the tears that attempt to call you back hearing your words to keep me on track;

you tell me to stay focused, the more you loosen your grip on the past the tighter you can take hold of your future present’s

“you can’t put new wine in old wine skin’s”

“you live your life”

“We’ll be here always,



in your remembrance”….







in love with the script written treasuring this good woman 

sent from loves treasure chest so much she invests 

so in love with brightness 

I thought I’d never find this


something special 

keeping me willingly seeking for any and every way to keep the smile upon this portrait 


love & compassion broadcast’n to all that true love exists 

encouraging others to answer the call 

to high to fall away from 

the one 

who holds my heart under lock and key 


my Angel, 

with one kiss, she opened my eye’s to this

life high above all darkness that comes 

She has become a shelter 

My love 

My Angel

My heart melt’er felt her comfort when she fanned to flame 

passions amber’s 

keeping me high, intoxicated,

my loneliness 



It was in my hands….

I was so close…,

…I held it, felt it, it was as tangible as cold steal in hand;

Tight knit in grip speaking to me like a branded strap on wrist.

I remember speaking, “I need this.”

This place where dreams rest in the arms of hope;

A place where Soul speaks liberties quotes-

I was so close to what I paid for in one million drops of blood,

Two billion pints of sweat,

& two trillion buckets of tears–



… I was so close-

It was in my hands….

This poem came after the reveling open heart surgery God preformed during the latest Together Ministry; Much was revealed to me as a husband, things I never considered, things I’ ve grown to take for granted in my marriage; so I wrote this poem as my official apology to my wife, I love you sweetheart, & I apologize…

I Didn’t Know

Edward Taylor III

I didn’t know how my ravenous lust would put you in a rush to lend your heart & loan your trust.

I didn’t know that the promise of that day would put you under a curse called ” The Christian Wife of Today”.

I didn’t know how I took you for granted forcing you to obey a husbands harsh commandments.

I didn’t know that the ring would cause a sting from the nine tailed whip my tongue could fling, putting you in slave bondage when your supposed to be my queen;

I didn’t know how far I fell when I failed to source you love; I didn’t know that I would be the cause for your eyelid waterfalls.

I didn’t know that I was the one who was supposed to fill your emotional tank, instead of attending to you I took my seat & commenced to drink, watching NFL highlights, while missing the key to my life…

So I wrote this to apologize, please let MY hand wipe away the tears from your eye’s,

Let me be your king who commands the Oceans to relinquish their pearls to you,

Let me be the man who satisfies your inner girl;

Please let me repay you for the time you’ve lost.

I repent to you & accuse myself, because, without you my good is lost & my favor meets death;

So I ask for your forgiveness with a sincere & sorrowful breath–

Please forgive me my wife…,

I Didn’t Know….

This poem was inspired by the powerful healing ministry my marriage is exposed to. I’m thankful that I’m blessed to say my wife & I are stronger than ever. I’m open with this poem because it’s my hope that it will spark a fire in those who read this, and in those who share with me the same desire for a successful marriage . – Edward T.

The LORD is thy keeper: the LORD is thy shade upon thy right hand. The sun shall not smite thee by day, nor the moon by night. The LORD shall preserve thee from all evil: he shall preserve thy soul. The LORD shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in from this time forth, and even for evermore. (PS 121: 5-8) Even in the worst of times God is always there to pick you back up and continue you on your road to greatness.

A Sorrowful Dance

By Edward Taylor III

A Sorrowful dance in the wind, performed by an excluded soul lost in sin, tears fall as pirouette’s call to the lost soul,

hopelessness twirls with blind perception, darkness calls with a malicious obsession.

Broken inside, strength subsides, to a sorrowful dance in the wind.

“Where is the comfort, the loving embrace, who will wipe these tears from my face?”

Under the stars you can see the dancer scarred:

Leaping to grasp the joy seemingly so far out of reach, distant as the mocking moon, silent & sweet,

Who is this that dances with sorrow in the wind?

The motions of this dancers’ gloom ignite the fierceness of question: “Where is my hope, where is my solace, where…


The ground is struck, pounded by clinched fists,


Is the cry as the dancer sits, drenched in sweat & self-regret: with eyes to the sky & arms raised the dancer is lifted up by the wind to dance once again,

Then a whisper is heard in the night sky:

“Hold on my dancer your salvation draws nigh”…