When the issues of Life seem so dark.., just a glimpse of Light means every-thing….



They Fall one by one…

When I think of the Sun rising on the horizon bringing light!

Scattering the Darkness polluting the Situation-

I was hiding..,


Fighting furiously to stay a float!

In the Storm that raged-

I broke….

Then awoke to a peaceful silence;

The risen light came as welcomed guidance…


At last….

This poem is a culmination of things I went through, things I’ve heard, & things I witnessed other people go through in 2009. This poem for me was an outlet: a way for me to describe how difficult it was for many of us to keep going when so much was against us. I know for myself that if it wasn’t for God’s mercy; I probably wouldn’t be here writing this right now…just keeping it real… THANK YOU LORD!


By Edward Taylor III

Picture seasons without smiles; only nights filled with tears accompanying sleep; seasons full of frustration & disappointments.

Long awaited promises depleting patience gripping to hope asking God-

“Will I make it”?

If I didn’t believe I surly would have fainted.

I’ve been told morning is coming, if you know the day I ask you,


Seeking for the day when this pain lifts, the closer I get to the end the harder it seems, as I seek Refuge in my hiding place my peace departs from me.

my mind is haunted by the screams of those
travailing in the storm anticipating the birth of purpose.

One last breath before the matrix is broken & the cycle ends,

I see the breaking of the dawn,

Then I hear a voice say,

“Welcome to 2010”…