A Force or Speed of movement; Impetus, as of a physical object or Course of Events:



Penetrating silence in this moment,

Thoughts reside in…

Pushed aside when fear offers Subscription-

In one decision the Mission is aborted.

Why give into what is unknown?

The Moment is to be seized before it’s gone.

Exciting Passion for what CAN Be-



EXPECTATION: the degree of probability that something will occur, this is…


I rest in a place where my stress is

carried away

like a leaf in the wind

my trust in you O’God

sees that it’s never seen again

no more damaging thoughts from a

mind locked in suspense…,

remembering this,

that my promise is yes,

so I add the amen

cosigning with Gods vision

for my life

the life he spared from an

eternal damnation,

a life MY GOD,

made through relocation,

a vessel fashioned through the fire–

furious test’n ensures my perfection,

anything less can’t stand

in the way of my direction striving to

enter into my rest in righteousness

when all is made for me to taste of and

see the juiciest fruit,

my liberty!

An uncaged imagination…

A God like station

my expected end

in the make’n….