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Many thoughts ponder in the mind seeking to make sense of these senseless Times…



“Never rest”

Be a spur of the moment in a moment making a choice to learn something new…

Yes I speak of lessons given daily, but maybe that’s what it’s all about… πŸ€”

Working daily to figure out this form mirrored back at me.


Reaccuring Dreams of what I want to see feel embedded in me.

Imprinting every Morning canvas…

The Mission remains to light up this darkness.

Adjusting to this new reality of how this battle is to be raged.

Seeing clearer-


I know…

I wondered… If blank page’s could whisper their expectations, what would be whispered to the…



I sit amongst many left empty-



Until a purpose is targeted

A point of destiny leaking on to Me…

The scribbles of TRIUMPH and Tragedy,


Story pouring out with laden emotions once buried;

But NOW..;

It’s as if a flame has taken over gripping fingers with pen in hand scribing future!


Penmanship of Hope.

Finally I am in use!

My empty spaces are filled neatly between the assigned space in time…

These words begin to rhyme filling the darkness with flashes of inspiration.

A Page..,

I was empty waiting to be plucked from the mondain.

Wripped from uselessness-

Rescued from this blank emptiness…

I am full!

Read Me…

I am no longer Empty…

Melting In the peaceful silence of this moment…

Smile.., You’re alive


Sitting in the dimming silence of the Day…

My mind proceeds to reflect on lesson’s given in situations which has risen to Occasion dangling the fruit of potential wrapped in the skin covering,


Are taken when the decision is made to release all fear and Jump into Change…

Held in mind..,

A decision clamping to,

Clinging too-


Moments exhilarating-

Exciting Passion as the ‘Ocean of Chance’ is splashed in.

Life is basked in when taking in every moment-


There is Nothing more too say.., to the One who brought us Safely into this World. There is not much I could display, too Say.., To the Care you give to the Generations after me. This Matriarch of motivation… Calling to Life the hidden. I can only truly say to all Mothers this Day… Thank you for ALL you do. HERE’S TOO YOU #SUPERMOMS πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ₯‚πŸ·β˜•β˜•β˜•. (A repost for the Just Occasion HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!!❀)



Listening to the melodies of the day as they whisper and say the lesson’s Wisdom has installed in the fabrics of this,


Today I hear her say,

“Fatherhood has been given,’

‘This inheritance embedded in the heart and Soul built to bare this load…”

Time has caused this understanding to form of,


The Establisher,

The Foundation…

A Father gave the honor to not only bare this response made able to carry the hidden load, a background pillar-

A Father-


Given Charge to aid the strongest, and most delicate of all Gods creation…

Without, whom a Father would not be…

I Honor the Mother of my responsibilities.

The Mother of My Future…

My Woman-

My Crown who shines the emblem of my Legacy…

My Love,

And peace,

Given by Grace, a Dream embraced…


Every Decision stems from a place of a pure beliefπŸ€”…



I stopped debating on whether this vision was real.

Doubt couldn’t break this sealed Dream, in time;

A Promise visualized needing only time to be realized…

Spied out through Day Dreams and Night Visions weaving this Dream;

Catching every opportunity at a glance,

my stance is,

Confident that this Dream will soon be in grip..;

This dream will soon be in Grip

Some say True Love is a Fantasy. Some say it lays hidden where the Imaginations are aloft in the Clouds… I say I have found a place I have sought for… I have overcome the Lies FEAR, of betrayal has imprinted its singeing scares upon Flesh, Now mended, and Finally…



Feeling blessed to be able to stay and lay in your hands my heart to Rest.

Trust has been difficult for me-

My heart, hidden behind insecurities while Life reaches in unlocking Me…

Learning through the Day,

that perception is seen,

A reflection of Me;

Now I see the flowed Perfection that is Me…

I hand you my most Value kept in this possession,

Valuable and fragile..,

This part of Me…

The Trust we’ve built freed me from the Cells of,


In Your hands, my Heart finally rests protected-

A whisper is heard in rhythmic beats soothing,


“Hold Me…”

“Finally I’m where I want to be…”