A Shriek Amber Explodes through the depths of Darkness which blanketed the Stars… “IT is TIME…” 

“I walk in the Morning shadows of greatness…. ‘
‘What an amazing Dawning of my Time!'”
“Destiny arises early from its slumber beckoning me to embrace its warmth…”
“So I seize its amazing grace!”

Some desires go unsaid, but somehow you still get led to an unspoken destination only seen in a Vision or Dream

Secrets of a Daydream 


Where do I rest these Silent Thoughts brought on by

Rapid Eye Movement when Vision is lit!

{I can’t be sleep through this..?} 


I was told Life is but a Dream,

You row towards;

Down stream is a Rest in Heavenly acceptance closing the distance stalking every thought caught,


Dream catching tear drops falling into Hope-

Pulsing through chest as I desperately seek for an Intention

These Silent Thoughts can now Rest,

In each Heart beat;

These Silent thoughts


Had a lot on my mind with everything happening in our great big little World some good mostly tragic I wonder if we will ever survive the ages to come….

Foreign Thought’s


I walk these foreign lands feeling like a stranger in the midst of many

still dwelling lonely

nights filled with a rising expectation to return to my origin

Nations at War these Humans seem to care no more

preaching peace while you’re drunkenness leaks

deceit when will they realize they’re cutting off their own feet…!


In place filling the gap in humanities DNA maps

I speak to my Spiritual heritage hoping my Ancestors can paint a picture that

brings understanding to all this madness

I’m mad that this-

is my only out-let honest to heart words trapped on the world wide net

They’ll enter in when they change the face of mistakes made from histories lessons failed….

They’ve had so much time–

I’ve watched them grow!

and still I wonder…,

“have they learned nothing…?”

“After all this time….” 

A flame grows ever defiant against the Storms which press to extinguish its flickering light; this is…

Flames of Perseverance




Prison Gates break fears fade into the midst of surrounding darkness

claiming another fallen foe


Four points to define direction-

otherwise it’s based on mad aggression with no collection of


Pieces which form a broken portrait– and still there in the distance…!


A Flame..,


Standing defiant-


Just felt like freestyle’n what ever came to mind, I LOVE FREE-WRITING….

The Thirst for Greatness


Disintegrating visions of Me living in tragedy


Actively I speak what eye’s have seen in the travel through dreams

Day has come

Fading the darkness engulfing light spreads upon a head crowned with Sunlight brightly heavy with the weight of responsibility

Really he’s the hero seen in the reflection of greatness

He face’s this….

A trimmer captures his soul when he closes his eye’s to quite the fire with-in-

The Phoenix rises again…!

During the journey through life, Regret( a feeling of sadness, repentance, or disappointment over something that has happened or been done.), though a necessary emotion, can become a type of mental prison; only those bowled enough to venture into the Mirror will find the key to living life free from the struggle of this temporary passenger becoming a permanent resident. This is…

What are you looking at…!


Why are they staring at me glaring with ridicule in their eye’s like they despise what I am depressing me into a mind state of mistakes.

Deep breathes taken, inner piece shaken, shaking the sands of confidence because of this-


Intensely inspecting the hidden depths of my insecurities,

“Will the jury please Rise!”.

I see the judgement in their eye’s peering through my mask of turmoil and shame,

“WHO else is there to Blame…!”

They say as they stare.


I scream back, feeling the effects of this dream realizing


are the decisions that brought the unwanted pain spilling poison, blame, and guilt leaving the residue of,

“why didn’t I just _____…!”

I think again when I stare at my accuser’s realizing the lessons They provided took me on a journey of discovery



Turning the key to release the damaged reflection of He who dared to glare into his own soul to judge a raging fire

grown cold.

On a quest to feverishly fan to flame the Passions of old–

I find…


RESTLESS- Unable to rest or relax as a result of anxiety or boredom. Offering no physical or emotional rest; involving constant activity or motion. This a…




Dreams haunt my mind-set on goals beyond popularity polls

I suppose.., 

I must be uninterested in spending my Time-Account on the pursuit of doubt.

It’s about 


For my restless dreams to be unchained into melody,

Forming a rhythmic master Piece;

Mathematically proven to be the fruit of Miracles’ reach.

Restless dreams scream,


 Dreams once restless emerge from captivity


For the World…