It’s interesting to see what melodies bring to the surface screaming to have their expressions exposed…

Check out this track on TIDAL: “Without Me” by Halsey

To the Surface…


The Elements of Decision produces a blink of change seizedin moments ticking by passing those caught in the delusion a fatal illusion made to keep a freebird behind cages mental-

Pages held in prison until risen to the surface of the next page pouring out these feelings bleeding hope over disappointment Faith feeds this blaze unquenchable.

This Blaze,


60 Seconds to Save a Soul… What would you say? This is a question I had to ask myself; do I know & could I present the gospel of Christ well enough to impact a life effectively in a short amount of time. When you read this picture yourself speaking to a complete stranger at a bus stop or a grocery store.

“60 seconds”

By Edward Taylor III

What if you only had 60 seconds to save a soul what would you say?

If a man had his hand extended to you reaching out for help would you let out a life-line?

Or would you leave him gasping for air while you watch him sink deeper into sin as he walks away never to be seen again?

What if you had 50 seconds to save a soul what would you say?

Would a thought cross your mind in the fleeting seconds of time?

Would you ask the LORD “What can I say to save this man”?

What if you had 40 seconds to save a soul what would you say?

Would you present Christ in an entreating way?

Would you tell him of the sovereignty of God?

Would you speak of God’s never changing character?

Or would you tell him “God can save you from your sins”?

Would you speak the words that will free him from his dishonor, loneliness, & shame? Would you extend comfort to relieve his pain?

Do you know Christ well enough to preach the Gospel that can redeem a soul, bringing a man to Christ that he may be made whole?

What if you had 30 seconds to save a soul what would you say?

What if the hearer rejected you & in doing so rejected Christ; would you still cast your pearls before swine?

Or would you tell him he’s like a dying grape at the end of a vine?

What if you had 20 seconds to save a soul what would you say?

Would you consider that enough time, knowing that one word from GOD can change a life, would you still preach the Gospel of Christ?

(10 seconds left…)

Or would you just pass by ignoring the cry, as you look at your watch, watching 60 seconds roll by???