There is a Beautiful stillness of Morning… So Still. So Silent… I lay still listening as She welcomes Me…



Looking through Mornings’ haze I see the glare of Life…



Taunting me to arise from the ashes of yesterday.

Agitating melodies of Life breaks forth stirring up a dormant silence…

The Canvas beckons me to step into the hands of Today…

To Embrace Her…

To scribe upon Her the flashes of Lifes vibrant, colorful, decisions…

Wisdom embraces me gently soothing my educated experience;

Teaching me the values of each Gift Life presents.

Each moment in Time…

She teaches me to understand that Time bends to them that wield its continuous melody.

Using it to form a symphonic vibration woven into each Day…

Woven into the poetic breezes of,


Stacking the pieces together too form a Great desire. Striving to satisfy an inner drive too SEE the Vision Completed; Almost seems..,

Never Ending…


A Congestion of thoughts rise in mingaled priority.

I must assemble this cluster of purposeful inspiration…



Is commanded upon the Wings of Wisdom…

This cool breeze holds the atmosphere of Sucesses’ Secrets.


Again is heard in midnight heart beats where this Dream speaks its Strongest desire..,


“WHEN, the darkness of doubt creeps over the hills of tomorrow.”


My Dream speaks…

Yielding to the firvuer of Hopes call.

Clinging to the plow,

Looking not Back!

I forge ahead…

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 2019 is at the door… Will you answer?



Take every lesson Learned and repeated,

Take every memory with you and I pray it’s more Love and Laughter than pain and misery;

You hold TIGHT too the Hope which Fuels your Dreams.

Simply Believe…

I can only really say take it day by day🤔

The mistakes made, simply learn from them…

The Promises made, Simply live by them…

The Vows given, Simply Cling to them with all you have…

The Future is written upon the pages of Today,

Let the lessons of yesterday add the color to paint a brighter tomorrow.

Every Wish requires the fire of a Dream…

Every Dream requires the tenacity of a Vision.

Every Vision contains the power to create a Reality that connects you to the World we All Share.

Let this year bring you all the Good you Believe you deserve, and Believe you deserve it.

Let your Dreams ride the powerful winds of Change, imbrace the opportunity that may never come again..!

Greatness is in you!

We all can experience that greatness!

That Greatness that brings us all together in this Great World we Share..

Have a Blessed and Safe celebration and New Year!