To the 1st responders front liners Dr.’s and the families you belong to, “Thank you for your service & sacrifice in the War against this microscopic Enemy COVID19…” 

We see you…


In the approaching Storm the Darkness spreads across boarders and boundaries.

A call to combat the approaching threat goes out to stall this sneak attack.

PPE packs called to action, ventilators in short supply situations tragic when the 1st responders are left with an unwilling response..,

“We can’t save everyone!” 😥

Still they run into the fray fully clothed with make shift protection layered in fear…

But still they run into the fray.

Every day encounters of loss accompanied by tear drops.

We,watch from a distance, at these silent hero’s on the Frontline.

Some have fallen in the line of their duty-

The few who never knew they’d be called Hero’s too.

Please don’t feel alone;

We see you torn from family,

Your homes to battle this tragedy left in the wake of this silent invisible enemy.

The World has noticed!

We see you…

We Thank you…

We pray for you-


Check out this track on TIDAL: “Fix You (Live in Buenos Aires)” by Coldplay 🙏🏾❤