In this time where we have to maintain distance. When everything in us desires connection… Stand Firm in your Faith that like all things that befall Mankind… This too Shall Pass… This Song, though it strikes as tragic- “Say Something” speaks of Hope in a soft whisper. A call to cling to the HOPE that Life.., though Challenging, urges those who live it to Press Forward… #STAYHOME #STAYHEALTHY #LIVELOVEHOPE Listen to “Say Something” on TIDAL

Check out this track on TIDAL: “Say Something” by A Great Big World, Christina Aguilera



Walking in a dark whirlwind as the World spins in turmoil…

Wrestling to grip what little light beckons me forward Emotions torn from a Hopeful sadness-


Waiting for the silence found at the rising of light-


A Good Morning.

Greeting the warmth of Hope… 🙏🏽

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