Had a lot on my mind with everything happening in our great big little World some good mostly tragic I wonder if we will ever survive the ages to come….

Foreign Thought’s


I walk these foreign lands feeling like a stranger in the midst of many

still dwelling lonely

nights filled with a rising expectation to return to my origin

Nations at War these Humans seem to care no more

preaching peace while you’re drunkenness leaks

deceit when will they realize they’re cutting off their own feet…!


In place filling the gap in humanities DNA maps

I speak to my Spiritual heritage hoping my Ancestors can paint a picture that

brings understanding to all this madness

I’m mad that this-

is my only out-let honest to heart words trapped on the world wide net

They’ll enter in when they change the face of mistakes made from histories lessons failed….

They’ve had so much time–

I’ve watched them grow!

and still I wonder…,

“have they learned nothing…?”

“After all this time….” 

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