Threw on Lynyrd Skynyrd’s ‘Simple Man’ this Morning and had too release something hidden- this is…

Simply Complex


I breathe in the cool breeze of Tear dust dripping in the Morning due too the extreme of bouncing in between truth and

tragedy acting as if there is sense in insanity hoping my dreams don’t abandon me while I’m left hanging on every breath as

if it where my last not knowing when my time will pass I bask in the idea of a Kingdom made for my Sons to reign over-

coming their Fathers pain so they will have No Fear’s to blame.

My Son’s and Princess I went through the stress so you can experience the best- Just know Life is just a test which holds

Secret answers, a hidden key, showed me that Life is supposed to be Much simpler than this…. But you must choose to

either LIVE or Exist. 

My GOD give Me strength to accomplish this: My Dream/Vision of fruitful decisions leaving a trail of an inherited Goal of

capturing the Truth hidden in Mind, Spirit, and Soul;


Made Whole….