If I could ever define the reason why I write, I could only say, this is…


I, dream to be on stages proclaiming Gods praises speaking words that evoke change, this is what I endorse, bringing reconciliation to aspirations once divorced.

I, dream of writing portraits, pictures painted upon the canvas of the heart, masterpieces worthy of Pulitzer Prize recognition, bringing healing to hearts that received corrupting incisions.

I, dream of poems full of wisdom, encouragement, and instruction; bridging the gap between what’s naturally seen reaching Heavens junction.

I, dream of my gifting in its perfection providing shelter for souls needing protection manifesting Christ to those who seek life.

I, dream of my children’s children rehearsing my words, seeing my heart, and inhaling every word learning life through my lessons pushing them to greater highest.

I, dream of a place where I AM free, Freewriting my path brainstorming my
imagination-station, the factory where these words are framed.

I, dream of a life without want or need, where everything is supplied by the Gospel I believe.

I, dream of works published, works that will stand the test of time long after my transition through space and time.

These are things I hold close to chest hoping to see them manifest before my last breath….