A moment shared between Father & Son. This is…

My Son…
By Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

My Son lay’s his head on my chest; the rhythm of my heart beat soothes him, the timing of my breath moves him to rest. I look at the spitting image of me right before my eye’s; it’s amazing to realize how beautiful this gift is, so peaceful as he insists on using me for a pillow. I look over his features discerning which ones belong to me. I thank God for his spirit, his attitude paints a perfect picture of me at his age, my parents take pleasure when they see me chasing My Son around, they say paybacks a mother isn’t it, I just laugh & frown as I continue to chase him around: But in this moment all is at peace & a Fathers heart is full of joy looking down at my slumbering little boy. My Son, my tiny little man, lay still & dream safely in Daddy’s hands….

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