There’s many ways to describe what love is, but when your gazing into the eye’s of your true love there’s only one word that can define that moment; This is…

by Edward Taylor III

Lips drip sweet kisses heart statements made when eyes exchange soulful communication in this moment, a moment I want to be forever framed in. Lying next to a heavenly vision sharing dreams as we name them, warmth came when we captured love in a bottle, our love, I’m never letting go of what I searched so long for. Embraces in charities arms raptured in an eternal bond, creation dancing as our hearts beat its favorite love song, strong is this desire sparked by passions fire our bodies in motion fans the flames high, I admire your smile, your dimple’s, & the way your eye’s clinch my heart when they shine under candle light, this is my delight, caressing your cinnamon skin… I’m in love again… whispering sweet everything’s, blood rushing, soul lusting dripping sweat, fresh rain coming, ’till ray’s of sunshine are felt through window pain, tongue stroke’s massaging back, key notes of romance from our favorite R&B track, stuck on repeat, as we bring to a close a moment… Unforgettable….

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