Prayer, for me, is a sanctuary from the troubles of this Life; Prayer is where my cares and worries are heard, where my Weakness is made strong… To ALL those that believe.., Prayer is where we find…

A Peace in Prayer


I look at the reflection of Soul and see an image I haven’t seen before… 
I walk closer to the reflection, not understanding that, when I move closer- 

I begin to change into the very image that beckons me close…;

Joy begins to overflow and compassion pours from eye’s whose seen the extraordinary…. 

I AM with you!”

I hear, and a peace that I have never known washes over me…. 

I AM Home….”


An Idea is the spark of creation. Its the precious ambers at the beginning of a Great raging flame of inspiration… and its fragile, delicate desire to live must be kept safe….

The Birth of Idea


Resting in the space of silence, my thoughts emerge from shell reaching their freshly birthed hands sky-word., as I hear in creation a Heavenly Host shouting  in jubilation,



“it’s a precious Idea you have in your hands…”

Time to take action… Take every Day you see, and step forward into your moment… 

It is Time
At the altitude where only Angels reside, held in thought are the Hopes of a Man… Painted, upon the tapestry of Greatness-

 He desires to make this Life such a sight-

attracting an audience, a Heavenly Host, peering into the window of time just to catch a glimpse of the approaching winds of change…, 

With the one voice of glorious expectation, 

They shout in unison…,

“They are ready..!” 

A Shreak of Amber Explodes through the depths of Darkness which blanketed the Stars… “IT is TIME…” 

“I walk in the Morning shadows of greatness…. ‘
‘What an amazing Dawning of my Time!'” 
“Destiny arises early from its slumber beckoning me to embrace its warmth…” 
“So I seize its amazing grace!”

Battling a villain you can’t see, just the emotional residue of what was left from the Battle is all you have… your wounds, your defeats, your VICTORIES. 




Eyes reflect a savage desire to quench a burning fire,

But the flames that rage will not be so easily extinguished- 


I breathe this!

I’ve tasted its sweet notes, like properly aged Wine, 


My time to finally take up the courage to open LIFE; 

Too say to that Man, hiding behind the mist and fog of imagined regrets and failures,


The Mirror splits in two, like a vail split down the middle after sacrifice was made… 

I scream to the Man, as we prepare to once again battle for supremacy to own this Born Identity…,

Fighting for the survival of ‘Me’.

Tired of listening to His doubts and fears, my ears yearn for encouragement;

So in the Throne room I sit listening to Truth reveal hidden secrets the Man in the Mirror has kept from me for ages and now as the mist departs- 

I see lurking in the distance a Man;

Now with fear in his monstrous eyes… 

“He knows-”

His time is Short…

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