WordPress Cheered me on to “KEEP THE STREAK GOING” I’m at 3 posts in a row…🤔 let’s see how long the flow continues… Here’s Day 4…



A Sunlight Dance dancing in the final breeze of these Summer Dreams as we Fall towards a Winter freeze Let our Love be the Cliche and Warm us each day we Dance the Summer away reaching for the Love we found in the Heat of Day So passionately we share this breeze ending our Summer Loving this mingling of two hearts connected by one breeze caught on one end of Summers’ eve…

Your Victories are not only for you but just seeing someone overcome their obstacles springs the refreshing aroma of HOPE…




Screams from the past remind me of what I’m free of at last.

The gashes my heart took, roaming in the Dark-


Looking for the doorway out of this internal Darkness,


The Screams!

Bouncing off of the Walls I built to enclose my Heart

In its cocoon-

This “Sheltered Venerability..,”


The healing has come, so where do these Screams originate from?

Hearing in the background seeing into the distance a door illuminates;

I’m engulfed with persistence to overcome all that has closed me IN!


Will never again haunt me!

Suddenly the door swings open…

There are more closed doors beyond my own…”

I hear a Still Small Voice in the wind breath,

Now free Them...”

Be Your Best Self…🤔



Just be me is all my heart cries crying these emotions spilling heart drips…

Seeking for the answer to this amnesia…

🤔 HOW can I be me, when I’ve never known ME..?

Having been groomed to be shaped in a mold others wanted me to fit.

I lost grip of the strength in the Truth of Reality…

I can only be Me so let Me quiet the voices of the seeds of Others and their ambitions.

The PHOENIX has risen a NEW to burn True to Selves rewritten Life prescription:

LOVE every moment given; Live with every decision; RELAX🤔; create the Life given to you, for you..,


Travel Freely in the realm of Imagination. In this private room of your Dreams lays a canvas- BLANK. Only what YOU believe will remain…

Imaginations Portrait…


Laying in the meadow of a clear green Imagining my path and its twist turns dips leaving mental burned


Over time these bruises on the mind rest;

Taking in the feeling of this beautiful healing…

Witnessing first hand the effects of redemptions command..,


The Sacrifice of a Friend…



Flowing free in my thoughts thrown up to the wind, to glide again.

Refreshed in one blessed breath taken

Last by the Sacrifice of Life and

Innocence, Love, and compassion.

They Slashed him, to split open his compassion pouring out freely

A blood, so pure it bleaches my scarlet Heart…

My solid Soul reaches for the sky

Gripping Eternity…

His Love!

LOVE itself healed Me…