The Past… The Future… Meet in a Battle of Dark Regrets found in re-liveable mistakes, versus the immortal never Dying Light of Hope… Where is this Great Battle found..?



With the coming Light of a brand new Day;

Rising in the background reflecting.

Reflection entered when seen from eye to eye perspectives Past and Future battling for the Present State of Mind,

Each searching to find a grappling hold bending the Will to fold into the Mold each holds…

Hope holds its ground on this daily Battleground.

A great Battle persist when a glimpse is taken leading to a thought questioning this..,

“Who are You gonna be Today..?”

Building a Contrast as ancient as Light & Dark comparing them, seeing the mistakes, Emotions..,


These Emotions running through,  fighting to find the breathe of Light..,


Soul searching for the Light of a New Day as there is preparations for the Next, the Future awaits Me, who shall I Be..?



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