LORD lead me to my place of escape where thoughts spoken re-shape; lead me to & through the…

My prayer Today, written yesterday……

Taylor's Poetry Corner

Open Doors
by Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

Fearless impulses bursting out with vocal thrusts, is this the time for exhalation? finally! Seed explodes growth goes beyond inner depths speaking forth outer thought delivered by breath. Transforming reality morphing minds too awaken, like coming off a morphine Induced stupor; my words becoming your mental suitor, call me a dream distributer. Exploding visions when received; I’m devoted to delivering words of need getting you connected with the right motives for motivation floating through the flow of ever expanding revelation. Fast pace’n though long winded, endurance race’n; it’s the most crucial prize I’m striving towards & once I apprehend I’ll leave the door open for my heavenly kin to walk in. I extend in the most heated moments of pressure building edifying word works downloading Keys to the kingdom into my soulful word search, inducing hope replacing past hurts, fears disperse; relief comes…

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