I stand in the raging winds of my testing until I apprehend the faith my hopes are shaped in ’till then I’ll continue in my…

I wrote this a few years ago and it still speaks loudly to me today! WOW inspiration is timeless…

Taylor's Poetry Corner

Storm Chasen
by Edward Taylor III

Stance firm in the midst of distracting life storms perfecting faith through the trials I face storm raging but it can’t erase the foundation, or whom my promise is based in, so I look towards the on coming clouds of intimidation realizing the strength with-in as I face them. I peruse my breakthrough found in the eye of this tempest no rest in this, I press until I enter. A child becoming Son, a being overcoming everything contrary, this storm has perfected me to a place known as ‘Fearless’ all the overcomer’s feel this, we persist with urgency ’till we all see that they see Kingdom coming, Son’s of God running domains putting to use the treasures gained from the pouring rain, Let us Reign rescuing creation from the hand of the cruel, we duel ’till victory we see drawing our weapons, swords of…

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