I wrote this poem to the music of Coldplays “CLOCKS” the rhythm of that song gave me a sence of pace I desire to have when I’m focused on the things God made me to do. This is…


by Edward (LIMITLESS) Taylor III

Swifter & swifter I run blow n’ through every obstacle in front of me,

Till I see the horizon of my promise, climbing the steps of faith, growing with every breath of grace,

I pace myself with reckless abandon, pressing to grab what my heart imagined.

Looking at the speeding scenery I pass through the blossoms of the new,

Springing forth into life now opening to me like lilies thirsty to drink in the delight of an unhindered soul.

Swifter & swifter I run like a bullet from a gun, sprung into action by one word – passion,

Pass n’ the former I reach for the limitless existence I see like a dream bursting out of me, freedom awaits,

I crave to taste its fermented grapes stamped with ancient dates.

This rare opportunity has come to me; to go beyond the great & become The Good:

But I must be swift to enter, for this door can be closed shut, only being accessed by memories touch.

My hope must flourish so with haste I chase my moment, for MY dreams are no longer dormant…