To be free to allow your imagination to form into a powerful thought spoken into creation creating insperation which moves all under its influence is why I rest my mind in…

Time & Space

by Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

I got only time, framing thoughts ever flowing, no artificial influence needed, my thoughts ignite flames of enlightenment burning bright the light of inspiration;

My time in mind-space is far from spent, so I write on, limitless thoughts recorded on paper till the new arrives & the old fades in vapor;

Time stands still…

…Still at attention obedient to listen, sensitive to release its presence into the present, words linked to reaction, the deduction of the imagination breeds action;

I want more than a moment to ride the momentum of thought woken from its dormant state;



Door swings,

Open mind commands, thoughts move worlds like a wave of the hand;

Royal position when thought is completed, creation racing hastening to perform,

The thoughts I spoke into time & space….