*THE GREAT CONJUNCTION DEC 21 2020* This Year has been full of Heart ache & Heart Discovery. GROWTH & Self Development a.k.a Growing up- Even at 40+ 😉 If you aren’t Learning Growing… Are you Living? As we go towards 2021 crossing the threshold into another 365 days; I ask that you do your best to be Better in each and ever day you see. See each rising Day as fresh as the 1st breath you take in that Day. From TAYLORSPOETRYCORNER.COM HAVE A SAFE AND HEALTHY CELEBRATION! SEE YOU IN 2021!



Waiting for a fresh breath of change to reset

This Atmosphere is full of impact in fact there is no better time to cross this line with Dreams intact.

Poured these tears in written expression

Hoping from their sacrifice-

Spent 25+7+365 on time reflection learning lessons from the most tragic 😭

Purchased Life Lessons.

Exchanged the Dark hopeless view for a

Beachfront paradise waiting out this

Hurricane hoping for the Sun to shine again…


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