I must break free..!



I rise from the dust with the feeling of,

“I must…!”

Spread my wings;

Breathing in-

Freedom realized,

When the flame is lit-

Wings split the darkness like a

wildfire blazing a path of…

Hope released when the Phoenix


“I must..,”

(From the ashes the inferno errupts)


Breath-Taking, is the sight seen when you approach the horizon of a Dream. This is…



It is a dawn like no other-

Erasing the darkness of forbidden

Choices made, now, debt has been

Paid through the deeds of another–

To me a stranger to him a brother

Sacrificing Self security for the

needs of many- Salvation…!

Such a beautiful Dawn…

Uncertainty, the assasin of a Dream, the cause of an aborted vision- Your bonds are BROKEN…

Uncertainties’ Chains


Tasting the blazing flames of

These fury engulfed Wings,

Feeling the breaking of

Uncertainties’ Chains!

Leaving them dangling in the

Inferno of-

Hesitations wake….

I found myself on Social media checking on what was posted; I paused my frantic scrolling on my Cell Phone and asked My-Self this question, “if I’m constantly looking back and looking for what was done or said in the past… Am I truly moving forward?



Why do I constantly look back? (Scroll….)
Am I trying to track down where I went off track
Or is it that I’m trying to track down where I lack?
2 minutes ago
15 minutes ago
(Scrolling back)
29 minutes ago searching for the answer to the Question in That Lesson;
Constantly scrolling back trying to trace my footsteps back to..,

My path…


Sometimes I wonder….

What’s it all for….?


What is it all for….?

If not for the simple things filling the empty void;

Time exploits,

every movement linked like joints

in the chain of events and still a

thought sits…

What’s it all for….?

If we never learn from the lessons


Who are we to ignore…


I pray for peace in this World we share and I hope for the day we strive as one, to create a better World- the World our Children deserve……



I don’t know what to say when Mankind acts this way. Driven and herded like cattle-
peace is rattled by few posing as a hooded viper.
Why are we driven to fear by those who strike and disappear into the night…?
It seems like I’m Watching from an atmospheric perspective.
My thoughts venture onto more joyfull lands seeing Gods plan for me.
Viewing peace abundantly, surrounding me, astounding me when I have enough to give.
sharing the good this World has to offer upon the alter of Faith, Hope, and Love–
The peaceful sacrifice of a Dove…..

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